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Herbal formulation has been used since centuries for medicinal as well as beauty purposes. In fact herbs were used in more ways than they are used now. The herbs that were grown then wild in nature and only available in certain regions of the world, have now been tamed and are found almost anywhere with today’s technology.

The main use of herbs is for their medicinal value as they are cheaper than regular pharmaceutical tablets and pills. But they are also marketed widely for beauty as well. You see, whether herbs are applied topically or are ingested, the results they bring are swift and positive. Many spas and beauty centres offer herbal treatments at premium rates because of their value. There are many cosmetic products as well that are being used mainly because of their mildness on skins and natural colours they bleed.

Herbs for wellness are few and far between. They can be used for anti-aging purposes to their help in bone strengthening for the elderly. Herbs are even good for mental issues. Those suffering from anxiety and other disorders can use herbs to relax and feel better. Herbs can even be administered to children for memory and concentration purposes. Herbs are always the better choice in fact when administering home remedies as they are safer to use on infants and those easily affected by pills or allergic to them.

Herbs are the main ingredient in Chinese and Indian medicine for longevity and their anti-aging properties. They naturally cure the body and due to their anti-bacterial properties they even prevent cells of sickness from growing and thriving on the human body.

Herbs are great for wellness because they protect the outer and inner human body and leave little to no side-effects if used in moderation and with certain precaution.

Though not exactly for physical wellness, herbs are great for mental wellness If one grows a herbal garden in one’s own backyard, the herbs keep away bugs and other critters from making their home there. Also, they add a certain aesthetic appeal to the whole scene due to their varying colours and scents.

Herbs are becoming the go-to plants for benefiting nature and humankind alike.