Easy Growing Profitable Herbs You Can Grow In Your backyard


Growing herbs can be a very rewarding experience. It is fun, easy and very profitable. Also, there are countless varieties of herbs and most of them can actually prove to be huge sellers.

So, which are the most popular and profitable herbs you would include in your plantation?

Use our help, Here is a list you can choose from-

1. Basil

Basil ranks as the most popular culinary herb. It is a tender plant that should remain indoors until it no longer faces the danger of frost. These are a good sell in the market so some fresh plants are always awaited.

2. Chives

These are evergreen selling herbs and take only a week to germinate. Unlike basil, chives can thrive in cooler weather.

3. Cilantro

Apart from it’s value in kitchen, this culinary herb is also known to help with digestion and holds other medicinal values. These are also a big seller at a farmer’s market.

4. Oregano

This is one of the most popular herbs used in Italian cooking. It has an unforgettable aroma and great taste. It is mainly used in garnishing soups, stews, and gravies.

5. Parsley

This is a herb that has historical significance. It was used by ancient Greeks at the athletic games and was woven into victory crowns. It was also given to horses so as to make them run faster.


6. Catnip

Even though it is mainly used on cats, catnip is also effective in soothing sedative for humans.  It is used as a stress buster and brings good relief. It also helps to cope up with cold and flu symptoms.

7. Chamomile

Chamomile has medicinal values that includes acting as a digestive and a calming aid. Also, it is very easy to grow.

8. Lavender

Lavender has a host of medicinal values that include skin care, pain relief for women and children. Also, the essential oil present in lavender ranks among the top ten in the fragrance industry.

9. Marsh mallow

This herb is good for the digestive tract, bronchitis, coughs and skin conditions.

10. St John’s wort

This is a great mood-booster. Also, it is good in preventing cold and flu. You can also use it for skin treatment and immune support. The healing ingredient here is hypericin, which is present at the top in the plant.

11. Rosemary

This is a great way of adding flavor to your food. It can be used either fresh or dried. Also, it can be easily grown in a pot. You should try growing this one!


12. Thyme

The herb is used in making summery meat grilling marinades and wintery stews. It is a low-growing herb and is thus perfect for edging beds.

13. Mint

Mint is popularly used in making lemonades and other range of drinks. While growing this herb, it is recommended to grow it in a container.

14. Sage

This is also another popular herb. The plant grows to be expansive and woody. Thus should be regularly cut and trimmed to control it’s unhealthy growth.

15. Lemon balm

This is a very good addition to increase the flavor of tea. The plant has a nice shape and the leaves give off a fresh green color.

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