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It is quite common these days for us to suddenly have some sort of short-term memory loss, or feel our brains clouded or overworked. You can blame it on the stresses that daily life brings, along with the chemicals and pollution we are taking in to our bodies every single day.

It is being repeated time and again either by holistic practitioners or health doctors and as people are becoming more aware about what is going on with our own bodies, that a healthy balanced diet goes a long way in keeping us healthy, starting with the topmost part of ourselves – our brains.

While ailments that attack us have physical manifestations and can quite easily be detected, it is  more difficult to spot and detect a mental imbalance within us, because we mistake it as a part and parcel of our daily lives. Fatigue, feeling low, brain-drain and all these symptoms may seem like they are because we are working overtime, but what it most probably means is that we are not being nourished properly.

There are a whole lot of herbal formulations that could help bring back your brain to its full use, but here is a list of herbs that are easily purchasable, or that you could grow on your own!

Rosemary – This herb is loaded with stuff that is good for overall health like calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. Just smelling the herb is said to banish anxiety and improve memory. It improves energy levels immediately upon taking a whiff at its leaves and consuming it is known to assist healing the pineal gland.

Cardamom – Another herbal spice that is available for consumption, it is said to have very calming properties. Smelling stimulates the brain and consuming it also helps in clearing any sinus issues that may be prevalent blocking your nasal passage.

Gingko Biloba – A more recently widespread herb, gingko is circulated widely in European nations because it helps treat senility. This herb is said to improve nerve cell transmission which is essentially very important for basic functioning of the various parts of the body that is first signalled by the brain. It also aids in metabolic reactions. A great requirement for the brain to function more efficiently is the need for oxygen and glucose, so gingko biloba helps in this way as it improves blood flow around the brain.

Ginseng – There are so many vital uses for this miracle herb, but when it comes to mental health, it is very useful as well. It nourishes the pituitary and adrenal glands which are important parts for healthy brain function. It also aids in the brains immunity to deal with stress, which is what majority of the population today faces on a daily basis. By consuming ginseng, it has been reported that there is better alertness and accuracy while using the brain for concentration.

Wheatgrass – This is a wonder plant as it contains all the possible minerals known to man. Imagine that! To add to its benefits, it contains heaps of chlorophyll which means that there is better oxygen being absorbed because of this plant, which is good for the brain. Wheatgrass is usually the best when consumed fresh, but the powdered version is also good and has a long list of benefits.

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