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Herbal Formulation as a system of medicine may not be as old as the traditional medicine, but is has been practised by all right-thinking physicians for more than two millennia. It dates back, in essence, to Hippocrates, who is considered as the Father of Modern Medicine. “Natures,” he said, “are physicians of our diseases.”

It aims to discover some of the principles and properties of Nature that could help our own bodies to fight disease and to maximise our health without disturbing our body chemistry. Efforts are being made to discover Natural principles, which we could incorporate into our own lifestyle. What is discovered is that almost miraculous health benefits could be achieved simply by following Nature’s own principles.

This generation is addicted to consuming over-the-counter pills and potions that may provide temporary relief, but the true and longer-lasting cure comes from ingredients readily available in Nature, that through a few processes of grinding or powdering, or just consuming it as is, heals and soothes the body like no other industrially manufactured medicine can.

Herbal formulation isn’t restricted to plants and their extracts alone. It extends to use of animal products, minerals, honey bee extracts, shells, etc as part of their main ingredients, especially in traditional Chinese herbal medicine that is used till today. This proves that herbal formulation uses the best that nature can offer for healing purposes of humankind.

In order to consume medicines that have been extracted from nature, one can simply steep the ingredients and drink the tea, use them topically or soak in bath water containing these ingredients, like lavender for example. These days, herbal doctors are competing with mainstream pharmaceutical companies as well as the psyche of consumers by selling powdered versions of herbs in capsulated form.

The best part about herbal formulation is that one can simply grow their own ingredients and customize their medication, of course, using it with a little research done beforehand as well as moderately. Also, one can include herbs into their normal diet which ultimately contribute to overall health and wellbeing.

Herbal formulation has been around for quite a while, the earliest records being more than 5000 years old. It lost its popularity somewhat temporarily with the onslaught of medication being manufactured in laboratories but somehow managed to stand the test of time and is once again gaining popularity for its multi-faceted benefits. Including herbal medication into one’s lifestyle promises overall health and longevity.