Image Source: lovefood.com

Children are the cutest when having fun, playing outside and getting dirty. But they are also the most prone to getting sick. Even though they love to eat junk food and it seems easier to go to your local fast food joint for some quick snacks for the kids, giving them nutritional food and healthy diets goes a long way to keeping them healthy. Right from childhood if they are inculcated with good eating habits, they will be at a lower risk of falling prey to diseases in adulthood as well as will continue carrying on healthy eating rituals they followed as children. Here is just a list of what could be given to your children for various conditions:

  •         For a good night’s sleep that’s essential for any child’s mental and physical health, provide your children with lavender that can be infused with iced tea or milk. The calming effects of this herb will put them right into dreamland in no time at all. If your child is the fussy eater and finds it odd to consume the purple concoction, then you can always include lavender in their baths or use lavender infused soaps and other bathing products.
  •         Children these days tend to go through a lot of stress, what with their school and extra-curricular activities. For a child who seems to be too stressed out and falling under depression, infusing their pasta sauces and other foods with holy basil will help them cope much better. Basil is said to have properties in them that allow for alleviating stress and elevating the mood.
  •         Licorice is another very handy herb when it comes to your child’s health. It contains nutrients that help support the health of the adrenal gland that is very important for your child’s growth and overall health. It is good to know that licorice is available in candy form so you can make them eat it without a fuss. Just make sure you buy the right type of candy that contains the real thing.
  •         Again, holy basil along with gingko aid in better focus and concentration which is what your child needs to excel in school. A good memory goes a long way, and starting young is a good option with these natural herbs that are easily available. Adding these to the food or to your child’s favourite drink, including milk will help build their memory for better focus.
  •         One of the best preventive herbs for any and all diseases is turmeric. It doesn’t have a strong taste, so infusing it with milk and some honey or adding it to the food will give your child stronger immunity. It also helps to eradicate the common cold and flu faster than any antibiotic and with no side-effects. Turmeric heals wounds as well and acts as a natural anti-septic, keeping germs at bay.
  •         Every child is attacked by one bout of chickenpox before the age of 9. While the disease may be difficult to control, there are ways to soothe the wounds. Rosemary is a good herb for that and a homemade wash can ease the itchiness and dryness that comes along with chickenpox. Just boil rosemary along with calendula in a pot and simmer for 5 minutes. Take the pot off the heat and steep the herbs in it for a further half an hour. Once done, strain the liquid and making the liquid come to room temperature, apply gently on the affected area. It should help the redness reduce as well.