5 Natural And Inexpensive Herbs That Prevent Cancer


In the wake of Canadian singer Celine Dion’s double family deaths due to cancer within a couple of days of each other, it is imperative that we take a stand and look at cancer as a serious disease that not only slowly snuffs out the life of the patient, but also destroys the family and loved ones that survive with the emotional pain.

As we all know, treatment of cancer through invasive and non-invasive surgery, chemotherapy and so much more, can get extensive, expensive and worst of all, excruciating for the one going through it. When we look at stars such as Angelina Jolie who had a double mastectomy just out of the fear of what could happen should be victim to the fatal disease, one can see how frightening the whole experience can be. In fact, within the last couple of months we have lost legends like Lemmy Kilmister and David Bowie to the infection that slowly suffocates all signs of life and health. Another great reminder is Steve Jobs, who, let’s be honest, would’ve taken Apple to incomprehensible heights had he still been alive and thriving today.

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at 5 Natural And Inexpensive Herbs That Prevent Cancer. Because, in truth, prevention is always better, less painful and traumatizing, than cure.


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This herb originated in the east and has been used for generations as one of the primary herbs in Indian cooking. Not only does this herb add a beautiful golden sunrise-type color, but the fragrance is earthly and bumps up any dish, from eggs to meat and even vegetarian delicacies. Turmeric also has medicinal properties. Visit any Indian guru and he will talk non-stop about the benefits of this rustic herb. To begin with, it contains a vital property known as curcumin. Now we all know that blood vessels within the body actually help cancerous cells to develop and multiply. Enter curcumin. It literally has the ability to choke these cancerous villains and helps with oxygen flow in the bloodstream. Put this herb, in small quantities, in dishes like a rice pilaf or chicken curry or even dissolved in milk with honey and you are good to go.


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There is a reason why tradition cooking from all around the world – Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, etc. – use this bulbous herb in their dishes. Not only does garlic keep vampires away, it also helps with preventing cancer. How? A property called organosulfur that strengthens the immune system – the system that is responsible for fighting against unwanted cancerous cells and other illness-causing bacteria – and literally burns out cancerous cells that try to make their home in the body. You don’t have to eat garlic raw; you can eat it in sauces, add it to mayonnaise as a dip, roast it and spread it on toast or rub some on with hot butter. A little bit goes a long way with this affordable herbal medication.


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No easy herbal list would be complete without garlic’s best mate – ginger. In fact, in Chinese and Indian traditions, garlic and ginger almost always go together in a dish. Not only do their pungent flavors work perfectly together to give off a mouth-watering aroma, but they also work like a kickass duo to fight of carcinogens that might try to invade the body. Ginger has a superpower called gingerol that acts as an anti-oxidant that ultimately ends up eradicating cells that don’t belong in the body anyway. To eat ginger, either boil it with your tea (it also helps prevent colds during flu season) or add it to an unbelievable list of dishes – from stir fries to curries and beyond. Better news? You can add it to desserts for a spicy kick to a cupcake or bundt cake.

Cayenne Pepper

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This hot herb does more than add a kick to your dip or dish – it also helps with preventing cancer. In a research conducted by Los Angeles School of Medicine, capsaicin, a property amply available in cayenne and capsicum, actually inhibited the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate. You don’t need to eat spoonfuls to reap the benefits – just consume a steady flow of cayenne pepper in your dishes – a pinch – and continue living a healthy life!


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Italians mostly add this leafy herb to their dishes for an earthy dash to bread and pasta dishes. The benefits of oregano, especially fresh but also dried is acceptable, help with fighting cancer. Carvacrol, a property that is present in oregano and other green herbs like thyme, parsley and mint, reduce the development of heterocyclic amines (HCA), chemicals that are developed in the flash heat cooking of meat. Add little sprinklings to your meat dishes, pizzas, sauces and pasta dishes for benefits that surpass just taste.