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Herbal formulation is a system of medicine that uses plant and nature based ingredients for healing purposes. There are many uses for herbs these days, and here is a discussion of a few main and popular uses of herbal formulation.

The most wide use of herbs is for holistic living. Those who prefer a nature-based lifestyle, including diet, use herbs as their main source of livelihood. Be it using them for consumption or other purposes, it cannot be denied that with regard to holistics, herbs are used mainly for cleansing reasons. Be it the body or the environment, herbs have a magical way of eliminating the mess and bringing healing and wholesomeness. Take, for example, an Indian herb known as ‘neem’. The plant is not only used for medicinal purposes, but also to keep insects away. The plant can be stored outside in the garden so that pesky mosquitos and other critters do not find a place to breed. For healing, the list isn’t short – neem can cure anything from bugs and bites to falling hair. Maybe that is the reason it is nearly worshipped in India!

There are other herbs as well that are used for cleansing the environment around. In the olden days, sage was used by the Native Americans to clear off the negative energy and bring in the positivity. This tradition has expanded today, where those who are inclined towards the spiritual and energetic fields of the environment burn sage in bundles to create smoke that fumigate the surroundings.


The best part about herbs is that they are not a new phenomenon but were in fact the most abundant ingredients available in nature that were used by prehistoric man. Through his trial and errors, today we can confidently know which herbs can be used for what purpose. They have been the main source of medicine for centuries before pharmaceutical companies starting manufacturing their own factory made medicine that people use today. Herbs are available abundantly in nature and are not on the expensive side at all. In fact, in certain developing countries, people prefer herbal formulations because they are cheaper than the manufactured lot of medication!


Another good use of herbs is for aesthetic purposes. They come in all shapes and sizes with varying fragrants that fill the air with either a sweetness or pungent flavor, depending on the plant. Either way, if you have a personal garden or know a place where herbs are grown, then it is recommended that you surround yourself with them. They provide an appeal that no man-made marvel can compare. Be the purple hills of lavender or the fairy green of neem, they all provide a charm and aura that calms the senses. Many spas and other massage parlours use herbs as exotic material for their customers. Giving herbs a chance in your life is one of the best and affordable choices you will make!
Yes, herbs may seem alien to some western cultures because they were brought up with processed and manufactured items all around them. But these days due to information being passed around all the time and celebrity endorsing as well, many have become aware of the greatness of herbs and their almost supernatural powers. Switch to herbs and soon enough you will understand that the list of benefits far outweighs their negatives.