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What To Consider When Buying A smartphone

Gadgets & Electronics 427 Casmil Mose

What To Consider When Buying A smartphone
In this digital era, people use social media to share common interest, meet new people and be up to date with what is happening in the world. To achieve this, you need to have a smartphone with good specifications. The following are features to consider : Battery, Camera, Memory, processor, operating system, display and price. Read More


How to fix ios12 safari when not working on iPhone or iPad

Gadgets & Electronics 767 Annastacia Njeri

The article outlines the benefits of the latest iOS 12 to the users and the most common problems faced. It also gives solutions on how to fix the challenges. Read More


How Smart Phone Apps Can Boost Business For Real Estate Agents

Real Estate 533 Ken Mwanzia

This article illustrates the importance of smartphone applications to real estate agents and brokers. The article reveals how smartphone apps can enhance productivity for real estate agents. Read More


AGM X2 Rugged Phone Review

Shopping 1130 Julius Jim

An in-depth review of the new AGM-X2 Rugged Phone. Read More


10 myths about mobile phone batteries that are increasingly popular

Computers & IT 445 ERIC MURIITHI

Our smartphones have come a long way since the 1990s. However; there are still a lot of common myths surrounding our tiny devices. One of the most misunderstood features of a smartphone is the battery. Although there are a lot of tales out there aimed at prolonging your battery life, it is essential to understand that most are false. Here are 10 myths about mobile phone batteries that are increasingly popular: Read More


The 10 Best Flash Drives For iPhone

Gadgets & Electronics 1131 WINFRED MUNYAO

Flash drives ease the transfer of files and managing them. You can use flash drives to free space on phone iOS device and prevent it from running out of storage. The article offers you a description of various types of flash drives. Read More


The Best Ways to Reduce Your Phone Bills

Science & Technology 551 Alice Wamwea

Phone bills can add way too much to your budget. It's good to know ways in which you can cut on phone bills. Read More


GPS navigator or smartphone? What is better for a bicycle?

Recreation 1111 Nikita Makovetskiy

Article is about main differences between GPS navigator and smartphone, and what is the best GPS device used for navigation of cyclists. Read More


iPhone X Vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Which One Is Better?

Gadgets & Electronics 1056 Solomon Magawi

With the Samsung Galaxy S9+ release, the smartphone market is abuzz. Can the new Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone topple the reigning king of smartphones, the iPhone X? This article attempts to find out by comparing the two fierce rivals. Read More


The new age of phone security

Reference & Education 405 Victor Chege

With the internet being a necessity in the modern day society, privacy has gradually been compromised and has become a great problem. However with the introduction of the new age of stealthcrypto phones, this might be an issue of the past. Read More