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Sony Unleashes Xperia XA2, Xperia XA2 And Xperia L2 Smartphones

Gadgets & Electronics 429 Timothy Barasa

At CES 2018, Sony unveiled three smartphones with great features. Sony Xperia XA2, Xperia XA2 Ultra, and Xperia L2 come with HD Screen displays, and each phone supports at least 8-Megapixels front camera. Talk of storage, each smartphone has storage of 32 GB internal and an extension of up to 256 GB MicroSD Read More


10 Best Free Weather Apps For Android Phones

Computers & IT 1271 Bertrwriter

If you are looking for the best weather Android apps that can help you to track the current and future weather conditions then look no further. This article details the best weather apps you can install to get the accurate weather forecast of any city and destination in the world. They include AccuWeather, Yahoo Weather, 1Weather, Go Weather, MoreCast and much more. Read More


iPhone X Review – In-depth Analysis

Gadgets & Electronics 536 Solomon Magawi

Following months of rumors and leaks, Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone X. The new phone is something else totally; the commencement of what comes next. The phone is undeniably the most popular smartphone currently available. There is a plethora of new features on this device. Every aspect of its specification have been restyled and revamped resulting in an completely new device. Read More


Samsung Note 8 Vs Apple iPhone 8

Gadgets & Electronics 431 Deberius Juma

The mobile phone industry has been very active in the past ten years, with each phone manufacturer endeavouring to outdo the other. Competition has therefore been cut-throat, with the focus shifting from hardware to software to user experience. With those companies that fail to adopt change falling by the wayside, Samsung and Apple have come out fighting, dropping model after model on the market, endearing themselves to their loyal client base. Read More


Brace Yourself for the Arrival of the New Apple IPhone 8

Gadgets & Electronics 1074 Bernard Muturi

Apple, the technological giant, is planning to release a new phone into the market soon. The iPhone 8 is sure to be a hit going by the hype around its release. Learn more about the rumors of what to expect in this exciting article. Read More


Top 5 iPhone and Android Apps to Catch a Cheater

Gadgets & Electronics 1551 Kristi Carter

Do you have a strong inclination that your partner is cheating on you? Do you need solid proof before you confront them? This article evaluates the top 5 iPhone and Android Apps to catch a cheater. Read More


Can Car Insurance Check My Phone Records?

Insurance 764 Sophie Akoyi

What you need to know:
• The decision to give the phone records to your insurance companies lies with you. Failure to provide may lead to denial of claims.
• The phone companies require a court order or subpoena for them to provide the phone records.
• It is illegal to use your cell phone while driving in most states in the United States except Alaska and Minnesota. Read More


Getting Around With The Runcible Smartphone

Gadgets & Electronics 590 Jay Martin

The Runcible is easily one of the more intriguing smartphones ever to be created. From the physical appearance alone, this device is already an open challenge to the traditional way smartphones are being made at present. Its circular design opens the possibilities for other similar styles to be eventually introduced. Read More


How To Trace A Mobile Phone's Location

Gadgets & Electronics 689 Caitlyn Yvette

Protect your loved ones at all times! Find out how you can trace their mobile phone to pinpoint their exact locations in real time. Read More


Top ten smartphones

Gadgets & Electronics 721 Zintrixe Dimama

This article provides a guideline when one wants to buy a smartphone. Read More