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Women’s health issues are vast and start from a common cold at one end of the spectrum right up to more severe and life-threatening diseases like cancer.

One of the most effective ways to prevent sickness before actually trying to cure it, is to start eating healthy, fresh produce speckled with all kinds of herbs – the more the better. However, if you already find yourself infected by a sickness, then herbs help to reverse their effects, without any side effects.

Here is a list of easily available herbs and spices that will help battle the bug…

Aloe Vera – These days there are a lot of products out there that promote aloe vera as their main ingredient – and rightfully so. Aloe vera has very soothing as well as medicinal properties that make this a super plant. With regard to women, the gel from the fleshy leaves of this plant helps soothe any cramps that may be bothering a woman during their menstrual cycle. Here is a short recipe where aloe vera can be consumed: quarter cup aloe vera juice mixed with 6 teaspoons of cumin powder and a small pinch of asafoetida. This will bring relief in no time.

Asafoetida – This spice is usually consumed in small quantities when mixed with dishes to prevent bloating and digestive issues. The same thing goes for women; asafoetida helps to reduce the pain and dull ache that come with menstruation. It helps increase progesterone, the hormone known to start-up the menstrual process. It will help set everything on time and help with the monthly flow.

Dandelion – Dandelion is known to have calming effects when consumed. A woman suffering from now what is commonly called PMS usually faces bloating and a general uncomfortable feeling. Well dandelion helps relieve that for overall comfort during this difficult period. It is usually available in teas nowadays so look for packaging that doesn’t just contain the flavour, but the actual ingredient of this herb.

Fenugreek – Fenugreek has for long been considered as the herb for enhancing the beauty of a woman. Regular consumption of either the seed or the leaves clears the blood of toxins, thereby making skin glow and hair grow thicker. Fenugreek is also said to increase breast size because it promotes the growth of new breast cells. It is known to balance hormones, therefore controlling the whole PMS period and helping menstruation go smoothly. And because of this property, it also prevents breast cancer. Fenugreek, because it is already established as a herb for beauty, helps slow down the aging process as well.

Licorice – This herb contains estrogenic compounds that aids in the battling of depression that is known to affect so many women today. The body’s stress fighting hormone called cortisol is assisted by licorice which prevents it from breaking down and hence helps in uplifting the mood.