Image Source: thespicehouse.com

Men’s health and fitness starts with a good diet. What the immunity level of a man is, determines whether he is able to weather the on-set of the flu or something more severe than that like cancer or bodily dysfunction.

There is a wide array of subjects when it comes to men’s health, starting from basic vitality to prostate health to even though not exactly a ‘health’ issue, but ravages the heads of even the greatest men – baldness.

Here is a list of some of the most common herbs that can be taken by men for better health:

Turmeric – This herb is used mostly as a spice and added to food for colouring, but it has fantastic anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It need not be consumed in heaps and quantities – just a little sprinkled on food regularly will help build immunity to fighting against germs and the on-set of a number of diseases. Those men suffering from prostate issues reported a significant relief when they consumed turmeric.

Pumpkin Seeds – While on the topic of the prostate, it is also important to note that pumpkin seeds are packed with nutrients that are good for men. They contain potassium, iron and zinc and with anti-oxidants already available within pumpkin seeds, this amazing combination allows for urine to flow freely through the prostate as observed by many tests conducted world over.

Cayenne – This spice is a favourite with men due to its heat and colour that it adds to the food. Usually sold in its powdered form, cayenne is added to many dishes from soups and chowders to sizzling fried potatoes and even their dips. And rightly so. Cayenne is actually a very good laxative and helps in the normal flow of digestive juices. Also, it’s properties help with the heart that allow blood flow to go smoothly. So adding a little bit of cayenne to usually insipid food is actually a good idea.

Cinnamon – Though cinnamon has many properties that benefit the overall health of a human being, here we will talk about it from the point of view of the libido. Now the very smell of cinnamon is said to add to the romance in their air. Also by adding it to food, there is a good effect on insulin triggered by cinnamon. Just a couple of the vast benefits of this tree bark herb.

Yohimbine – Now this may be considered as an odd word and not something you think you get ready-made in a store. You are partially right but also partially wrong. Majority of the products available in the market for men’s sexual health has this herb as one of the major ingredients. It treats erectile dysfunction in men. Also when anti-depressants are consumed, they tend to have side effects which are efficiently curbed by yohimbine.