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Growing old is associated with being weak and fragile. But it doesn’t have to be so. It has been observed that those who carried on a healthier lifestyle from a younger age seemed to age much better and with fewer diseases and health issues. Also, along with a healthy diet, it is recommended that exercise play an important role as well. When one exercises, it helps keep joints and other body parts in well use, and slows down the overall aging process. Here are a few common herbs that can help in healthy aging:

Rosemary – Rosemary lifts the spirits as well as aids in physical health. It acts as a lubricant, helping the joints and other locomotive parts keep pace. Rheumatic pain that generally haunts the elderly is kept at bay by this miracle herb. Rosemary is already very popular as a garnish for dishes and in bakes, so to consume it regularly is a good idea. One can also grow a rosemary shrub in their garden for aesthetic purposes as well as for a quick fetch to add to dinner.

Horse Chestnut – This wonder is very efficient for the cure of varicose veins. This affects many aging citizens, and is painful, mainly because the bloated veins constrict blood flow. Horse chestnut also reduces the itchiness that comes along with varicose veins by soothing the upset skin. Due to its anti-coagulation properties, it helps in blood flowing more efficiently which usually doesn’t happen with varicose veins. For men suffering from prostatic hyperthrophy, horse chestnut helps for easier urination. People these days want anti-aging solutions, so this helps with that as well. Using it in creams and other balms that can be applied during the day but especially at night will stretch the skin and make it look younger.

Ginseng – This is a wonder herb that promises to boost the functioning of the body to a great extent. For the elderly who are more likely to catch the bug in the air, some form of American ginseng can prevent colds from attacking as well as cure the sickness. With regard to blood sugar levels that it a common problem with the elderly, ginseng helps regulate the flow and reduce it. Another very important use for ginseng is for concentration and total mental performance. Even though this is not the main use of it, consuming it regularly will help in improving mental activity.

Goji Berries – In order to keep eyesight in check, foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin need to be consumed regularly. Goji berries is such a super food that is rich in zeaxanthin. The deeper the colour of the fruit eaten, the better will be the concentration of this nutrient. Beta-carotene is already necessary for eye care, and these berries contain that as well. What it basically does is protect and strengthen the delicate retinal area of the eye. For the elderly, consuming goji berries will help their eyesight that is more prone to fading with age.

Holy Basil – This green herb helps blood circulation. In fact, consuming any green coloured leafy vegetable or herb means that there is some amount of chlorophyll in it which helps the flow of oxygen thus creating better blood flow. Basil can be included in any homemade sauces as well as taken as supplements. But remember, no matter what the herb, it is always best to consume the freshest you can because that’s when you get the maximum benefit from it.